Arthroscopic Fixation Of PCL Fracture

Arthroscopic Fixation Of PCL Fracture

An arthroscopic pullout fixation technique for small and comminuted avulsion fractures of the posterior cruciate ligament from the tibia. Intra-articular surgery required 3 arthroscopic portals, the anterolateral, anteromedial, and posteromedial portals. To simplify surgery, the posterolateral portal was omitted. A 2.4-mm K-wire was inserted through the anterior incision to the center of the bone fragment. This central guidewire was subsequently over drilled with a 4.0-mm cannulated drill. The fixation material consisted of Pass Telos artificial ligaments inserted through the fiber loop of a fixed suspensory device such as RIGIDLOOP. The leading end of the thread of the RIGIDLOOP was pulled out through the anteromedial portal. The button of RIGIDLOOP was gradually advanced through the bone tunnel. The button was pulled out and flipped over the bony fragment. 

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