Sports Injuries Treatment in Pune

Sports injuries

Sports injuries are very common e.g. strain, sprain, concussion, tendonitis, dislocation or broken bones can happen to anyone at any time. In such an event, you could consult with Dr. Rahul Bade – who is a Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon for Sports Injury Treatment in Pune.

What is Sports Injury Treatment?

A sports injury is an injury that occurs during a contact sport. Joints are most vulnerable in outdoor sports like basketball, football, cricket, tennis, and athletes get an estimated 2 million injuries each year. Athletes often have an injury that requires them to see a doctor. One way for athletes to diagnose their own injuries is to be knowledgeable about the common sports injuries, their symptoms, causes of the injury, and when to see the best sports injury doctor in Pune.

Sports Injuries Treatment in Pune

Common Symptoms In Any Sports Injury

Sports injuries are fairly common, and their symptoms vary in severity depending on their cause and the affected body part.


Sports Injury Treatment in Pune

The Sports Injury Treatment Unit at Medistar Superspeciality Healthcare is a dedicated sub-specialty offering non-surgical, surgical, and rehabilitation programs for various types of Sports and Orthopaedic injuries. The comprehensive treatment program offered is tailored according to the patient’s unique medical needs. The team of proficient specialists at Medistar follows a multidisciplinary approach, to help patients get back to their performance level as before.

When to See a Healthcare Provider For Sports Injury Treatments in Pune?

Sports injuries are common and can be difficult to diagnose when it needs immediate attention versus when it’s best to take a break.

It may not be necessary to see a healthcare provider for every ache and pain. However, if your injury worsens despite simple treatment steps, it is important to seek medical care from a sports injury doctor in Pune.

Sports medicine physicians treat many other common conditions associated with sporting injuries. It’s important to consult a sports injury specialist after significant injuries because they can help prevent further damage or aid in recovery after an injury has occurred.

What Is Sports Injury And What Are The Treatments Available For It?

Sports injury refers to a variety of problems and defects that are a result of accidents that occur while playing sports or indulging in similar physical activities. The instances of sports injuries increase if you do not warm up properly before playing return back to the field after taking a long break or play contact sports. The sub-specialty of trauma care and orthopaedic treat sports injuries like sprains, fractures, bone dislocation, and ligament tears. The treatment for sports injury aims at offering the best treatment to the patients to enable them to carry on with their sports careers. These include a wide range of procedures both operative and non-operative.

What Are The Conditions Treated Under Sports Injury Treatment?

Some of the major conditions we treat under Sports Injury Treatment include:

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