Joint Replacement Surgeon in Balewadi

Joint Replacement Surgery

The worn-out cartilage and frayed bone ends are replaced with a smooth metal and plastic surface. Pain on movement and weight-bearing goes away. Muscle strength improves and there is less difficulty in carrying out day-to-day activities. Dr. Rahul Bade is the right choice as Joint Replacement Surgeon in Balewadi for the best treatment

Joint replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which a damaged or worn joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint. This procedure is used to relieve pain and restore function in damaged or diseased joints, such as hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Joint replacement surgery is typically done when other treatments, such as medications, physical therapy, and other non-surgical treatments, have not been successful in relieving the pain or restoring normal joint function.

When it is necessary to replace a joint?

The ends of bones are covered with smooth, white, cartilage. This allows free and smooth movement of the joint. When a joint gets diseased, this smooth cartilage is lost. This leads to raw ends of the bones being rubbed against each other.

Rubbing of raw bone ends causes severe pain and restriction of movements. Initially, medicines and exercises help. But, joint damage will progress over time. Pain which occurs at night and disturbs sleep is an indication of serious joint damage which would need surgery. To date, there is no method of regeneration of cartilage. So, the cartilage is replaced with a new, smooth plastic and metal surface (joint replacement surgery). Get a diagnosis by Joint Replacement Doctor in Balewadi.

Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery

Improved Mobility: Joint replacement surgery can improve mobility in the joint that was replaced. This can help a person who was previously limited to certain activities or movements due to pain or stiffness in the joint. This improved mobility can help an individual perform daily activities with less pain or discomfort.

Reduced Pain: Joint replacement surgery can greatly reduce the pain associated with joint damage, allowing a person to return to their normal activities. It can also reduce the risk of developing complications related to joint damage, such as infection or further damage.

Enhanced Quality of Life: A joint replacement surgery can greatly improve a person’s quality of life by reducing pain and improving mobility. It can also help improve a person’s ability to perform daily activities and participate in recreational activities.

Increased Independence: Joint replacement surgery can provide a significant increase in independence for those who have been suffering from severe joint pain or disability for a long period of time. After the surgery, patients can often perform activities that they were unable to do before and can also experience a decrease in pain. This increased mobility and freedom from pain can help improve the quality of life.

Improved Appearance: Joint replacement surgery can help improve the patient’s appearance. By replacing old, worn-out joints with new, healthy joints, the patient can have an improved range of motion, more stability, and better posture. This can all help to improve the patient’s overall appearance and make them look more youthful.

Cost of Joint Replacement Surgery in Balewadi

The cost of joint replacement surgery in balewadi depends on several factors, including the type of joint, the complexity of the procedure, the skills and experience of the surgeon, the type of implant used, the hospital’s infrastructure, and the patient’s general health. Generally, the cost of joint replacement surgery increases with the complexity of the procedure and the type of implant used. The availability and cost of implants in the city and the quality of medical care provided by the hospital may also affect the overall cost of the surgery.

What is the most common joint replacement surgery?

1. Hip replacement surgery: Hip replacement surgery, also known as total hip arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace a damaged or diseased hip joint with an artificial hip joint. This procedure is often necessary in cases of severe hip joint pain and/or lack of mobility and function due to arthritis or some other form of hip joint damage. The new hip joint is made of metal and plastic components and is designed to provide a pain-free and functional hip joint.

2. Knee replacement surgery: Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which a damaged knee joint is replaced with an artificial implant. The surgery is usually performed to relieve pain and improve mobility in people with severe knee damage. 

3. Shoulder replacement surgery: Shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure used to restore a person’s shoulder joint. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the damaged joint and replace it with an artificial joint, called a prosthesis. The artificial joint is designed to mimic the natural movement of the shoulder. 

4. Ankle replacement surgery: Ankle replacement surgery is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged ankle joint with an artificial joint. It is done to improve mobility and reduce pain in the ankle. The surgery is usually performed when the ankle joint has been damaged by arthritis, trauma, or other medical conditions.

5. Elbow replacement surgery: Elbow replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which the damaged elbow joint is replaced with an artificial joint, allowing for the restoration of elbow mobility and improved joint function. This surgery is usually performed to treat arthritis, fractures, or other conditions that cause severe pain and limited range of motion in the elbow joint.

Why go for Dr. Rahul Bade as Joint Replacement Surgeon in Balewadi?

Dr. Rahul Bade is a renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon in Balewadi, Pune. He is specialized in knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle joint replacements. He has been working in the field of joint replacement for over 10 years and has successfully treated thousands of patients. He is considered to be one of the best joint replacement surgeons in the city. He is highly experienced and competent in performing complex surgeries and offers personalized treatments to his patients. He has performed thousands of successful joint replacement surgeries and has been credited with pioneering some of the most advanced surgical techniques. His expertise and experience in joint replacement surgery make him one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Balewadi Pune for this type of procedure.


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