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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure that repairs a knee joint that has become worn out from arthritis or injury. The surgeon replaces the joint with an artificial joint made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. Following knee replacement surgery, patients are able to walk better and return to their normal everyday lives.

With advances in joint replacement surgeries, patients are living longer and doing more activities than ever before. But like any surgery, knee replacement comes with risks and side effects. In this blog, we will talk about what a knee replacement is, why people have it done, and the benefits of having one done. We’ll also cover recovery time after surgery and what you can do to ensure you get the best results.

Dr. Rahul Bade is a highly experienced Knee & Shoulder Surgeon  who specializes in knee replacement surgery. He has performed thousands of successful knee replacement surgeries and has been practicing for more than 10 years. He has a special interest in the latest techniques and technologies in this field and uses the latest techniques and technologies to provide the best outcomes for his patients. He is also known for his meticulous attention to detail in every surgery he performs. Dr. Bade is committed to providing excellent patient care and always puts the patient’s safety and comfort first. He is also highly respected in the field due to his commitment to providing quality care and outstanding patient outcomes. 

All types of Insurance Accepted – We accept a wide range of insurance plans for knee replacement surgery, including the list of accepted insurance plans. Please contact us for more information on insurance coverage.

EMI Facility – We understand that knee replacement surgery can be costly. That’s why we offer an EMI (equated monthly installment) facility to make the cost more manageable. Please contact us for more information on our EMI options.

Free Pick-up & Drop facility– We want to make the process of knee replacement surgery as convenient as possible for our patients. That’s why we offer free pick-up and drop service to our patients.

What is a knee replacement?

A knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure wherein a damaged or worn knee joint is supplanted with artificial material. This procedure typically takes between 1-1.5 hours to complete and the recovery time varies from patient to patient. There are three main types of knee replacement surgery – total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and resurfacing.

In a total knee replacement, the surgeon implants metal parts and plastic surfaces into both sides of the joint to create a smoother surface for more natural-feeling movement. In a partial knee replacement, the surgeon replaces only part of the joint with metal parts and plastic surfaces to create a smoother surface for better movement in one direction. The benefits of knee replacement surgery include improved mobility, pain relief, and increased stability. However, it cannot cure underlying conditions like Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis that require long-term treatment.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure that replaces the knee joint with an artificial joint. The knee joint is made of cartilage, and this tissue becomes damaged over time due to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. When this happens, the joint can become painful and swollen, causing severe pain. With knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged cartilage and replaces it with a prosthetic joint that looks and works like a natural knee joint.

The three main types of knee replacement surgeries are total knee arthroplasty (tKA), partial knee arthroplasty (pKA), and resurfacing procedures. tKA involves removing the damaged portions of both knees and replacing them with an artificial joint. pKA is a similar surgery but only involves removing part of the damaged knee joint and not replacing it. With resurfacing procedures, surgeons remove the damaged cartilage from the surface of the knee and replace it with a smooth surface, typically using cadaveric skin or synthetic material as a substitute for natural skin. These surgeries typically take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete and vary in terms of recovery time. A medical professional can provide patients with information about these surgeries as well as other options for treating knee pain.

Find the Right Surgeon for Your Knee Replacement in Pune

If you’re looking to get knee replacement surgery in Ravet, Pune, then it’s best to consult with a qualified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Rahul Bade is an experienced and skilled orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon based in Pune. He practices at Manipal Hospital and Jupiter Hospital Pune. As a knee replacement surgeon, he offers complete knee replacement surgeries for patients from across the country.

Dr. Rahul Bade is also a reliable and best knee replacement surgeon in the Ravet, Wakad, Balewadi, and Bavdhan areas. His services are affordable and patients can enquire about the fees and services offered by him online or through a call to his office.

Types of knee replacement procedures

  1. Total knee replacement (TKR) is a procedure where the damaged or worn knee is replaced with metal and plastic surfaces to create a smoother surface for more natural-feeling movement. This surgery can be used to repair a knee that has excessive wear on the joint or damage from osteoarthritis, or it can be performed to treat severe knee arthritis due to injury or rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. Partial knee replacement (PKR) is a procedure that replaces only one side of the joint with metal and plastic surfaces to create a smoother surface for better movement in one direction. This surgery can be used to treat severe hip pain and other joint conditions, including arthroscopic surgeries.
  3. Resurfacing is a procedure that replaces only the non-weight bearing surfaces of the joint with metal and plastic parts to provide a smoother surface for better movement in one direction. It can be performed as an alternative to traditional arthroscopic surgeries for treating joint injuries.
  4. Knee surgery is a procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain and disability. TKR, PKR, and Resurfacing are all effective surgeries for treating joint problems and are considered safe, affordable options for patients.

Recovery time after knee replacement surgery in Ravet, Pune

A knee replacement surgery is a procedure to replace damaged or arthritic knee joints with artificial ones. The artificial joint is made of metal and contains a ball-shaped device called the knee cap. The surgeon makes a large incision in the leg above the knee joint and removes the damaged joint. After this, he or she inserts the replacement inside the leg and closes the incision.

The surgery may take 3-6 hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis. After recovery, pain, and swelling are expected to settle down within a few days or weeks. In some cases, it may take up to three months for pain and swelling to settle down after a knee replacement surgery.

Leg swelling may take up to a year to disappear. A reliable surgeon such as Dr. Rahul Bade, Hip/Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ravet, Wakad, Baner, Bavdhan, and Pune with more than 10 years of experience in orthopedic and joint replacement treatment, can help you get back to normal faster.

Importance of following post-operative instructions carefully

Following post-operative instructions carefully is vital for a successful and safe recovery from knee replacement surgery. During the procedure, your surgeon will use a special device to remove part of the joint surface and attach a replacement joint. This replacement joint is made of medical-grade carbon or metal and can be smooth or rough depending on your preference.

Post-operative instructions may include details such as physical therapy, medications, or lifestyle changes. Your surgeon will also provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your new knee after surgery. Depending on the type of surgery performed, you may be given pain medication and perhaps an anti-inflamatory agent or pain reliever. You may also be prescribed a walker or crutches depending on your injury and recovery.

It is important to discuss the recommended post-operative instructions with your physician and to seek a second opinion if necessary to ensure that appropriate treatment is provided for your knee replacement surgery.

By following these post-operative instructions carefully, you can ensure a safe and successful recovery from knee replacement surgery

A knee replacement surgery is a complex procedure that involves the joint replacement of the knee with artificial components. The aim of a knee replacement is to relieve joint pain and restore normal function to your knee. It can help restore mobility and range of motion, as well as improve the overall health of your knee. With proper planning and a good surgeon, you can have a successful outcome and recovery after knee replacement surgery in Ravet Pune.

Dr. Rahul Bade is a highly experienced Knee Replacement Surgeon in Ravet, Pune. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for his patients with a personalized and compassionate approach. Get in touch today to discuss your condition .

What are Latest Advances in Arthroscopic Surgery?

  1. Robotics: Robotic arthroscopy is a relatively new technology in the field of arthroscopic surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses robot-assisted surgical instruments to perform complex tasks such as joint repair, cartilage restoration, and ligament reconstruction. Robotic arthroscopy has a number of advantages, including improved accuracy and precision, reduced surgical trauma, and shorter operation times. This technology is now widely used to treat a variety of joint conditions, such as rotator cuff tears, labral tears, and meniscal tears.
  2. New Techniques: Arthroscopic surgeons are constantly developing new techniques to help improve patient outcomes. For example, arthroscopic suture anchors are now widely used to treat shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears and labral tears. This technique involves the placement of small suture anchors into the bone and then attaching them to the torn ligament or tendon. This allows for secure repair without the need for open surgery. Other new techniques include arthroscopic capsulorrhaphy for shoulder instability, arthroscopic debridement for arthritis, and arthroscopic fracture fixation for fractures.
  3. Improved Outcomes: The use of advanced technologies and new techniques has enabled surgeons to achieve improved outcomes for their patients. For example, robotic arthroscopy has been shown to reduce post-operative pain, improve range of motion, and reduce the risk of complications. Additionally, the use of suture anchors has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of re-injury. Overall, arthroscopic surgery is now a safe and effective way to treat a variety of joint conditions.

Why Dr. Rahul Bade is considered as Best Arthroscopic Surgery in Baner?

Dr. Rahul Bade is an experienced and highly-skilled arthroscopic surgeon in Baner, Pune. He has been practicing for more than a decade and has a wealth of experience treating a wide variety of medical conditions. Dr. Rahul Bade specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of orthopedic conditions related to the musculoskeletal system, including any type of arthroscopic surgery. He is highly skilled in arthroscopic treatment for knee and shoulder injuries, as well as for sports-related and repetitive stress injuries. Dr. Rahul is also well-versed in the use of innovative technologies such as arthroscopic cameras and endoscopes to perform minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Bade is highly respected for his skill, knowledge, and dedication to providing the highest quality of care to his patients. He is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice and patient safety. He is also dedicated to providing personalized care plans and the best possible outcomes for his patients. He is also available at Manipal Hospital & Jupiter Hospital as Panel Consultant Orthopedic Doctor in Pune.

How to Book an Appointment?

Booking an appointment with Dr. Rahul Bade an arthroscopic surgeon in Baner is easy and convenient. You can either call the clinic directly or book an appointment online. Alternatively, you can also visit the clinic in person and book an appointment with the doctor.


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